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Chocks, Levels & Stabilisers


Caravan Wheel Chocks, Levels & Stabilisers

  • Haigh CVL2 Two-Section Levelling Ramp
    $80.25 $71.00 Haigh CVL2 Two-Section Levelling Ramp, Pair
     Haigh Cvl2 Two-Section Levelling Ramp, Pair  Do you ever park on uneven ground? Do you have tandem wheels? Made from lightweight UV resistant polyethylene these quality levellers will keep caravans &...
  • Haigh Wheel Chocks
    $14.85 $14.80 Haigh Wheel Chocks to suit CVL2 Levelling ramp, Pair.
     Haigh Wheel Chocks To Suit Cvl2 Levelling Ramp, Pair. Designed to be used in conjunction with CVL1 and CVL2 levelling ramps. They lock into the ramp and help keep the wheel in position. Two chocks per pack.  ...
  • Camec Aluminium Stabilsers 4 Pack | 39377 | Caravan Parts
     Camec Aluminium Stabilsers 4 Pack 
  • Wheel Ckock
    $10.95 Camec Wheel Chock
     Camec Wheel Chock Camec Wheel Chock, Also Compatable With Blue Wheel Levellers - price for Each Note: One is already included in the CAMEC levelling kit. Features   Manufactured from tough polypropylene...
  • Fiamma Garage Bars 2 Pcs  98655-480 | 39349 | Caravan Parts
    $229.00 $176.00 FIAMMA GARAGE BARS 2 PCS 98655-480
     Fiamma Garage Bars 2 Pcs 98655-480 
  • FIAMMA LEVEL BAG - BLACK 05950-01 | 36711 | Caravan Parts
    $21.95 $17.60 FIAMMA LEVEL BAG - BLACK 05950-01
     Fiamma Level Bag - Black 05950-01 
  • Fiamma Level Pro Std 2 Piece Grey 97901-011 | 41407 | Caravan Parts
    $42.95 $36.45 FIAMMA LEVEL PRO STD 2 PIECE GREY 97901-011
     Fiamma Level Pro Std 2 Piece Grey 97901-011 
  • Fiamma Level Up Chock Grey 97901-037 | 41406 | Caravan Parts
    $27.95 $22.50 FIAMMA LEVEL UP CHOCK GREY 97901-037
     Fiamma Level Up Chock Grey 97901-037 Description The chock is to be used with Level Up, Level Pro and Level System Magnum to secure the wheels during long stopovers. Specifications Sold Pk/2 ...
  • Fiamma Level-Up-Plus Levellers, Without Chocks, Pair | 41408 | Caravan Parts
    $86.95 $68.00 Fiamma Level-Up-Plus Levellers, without chocks, Pair
     Fiamma Level-Up-Plus Levellers, Without Chocks, Pair Extremely strong levelling system with double central support that provides a maximum capacity of 5000kg. Good stability with each level weighing 1.5kg. Just...
  • Fiamma Magnum Jack Wedge | 362 | Caravan Parts
    $83.95 $65.50 FIAMMA MAGNUM JACK WEDGE
     Fiamma Magnum Jack Wedge 
  • FIAMMA SUPPORT PLATES - LEGS BOX OF 4 BLACK | 6455 | Caravan Parts
     Fiamma Support Plates - Legs Box Of 4 Black escription Ideal for soft ground. Helps support the vehicle's weight. (set of 4) Features Ideal for soft ground. Helps support the vehicle's weight. Permanently...
  • STABILZER JACK PADS 4 PACK 92-8992 | 33562 | Caravan Parts
    $48.95 $44.10 STABILZER JACK PADS 4 PACK 92-8992
     Stabilzer Jack Pads 4 Pack 92-8992 Description Stabilizer jack pads help (with stack jack) helps with stabilizing awning arms to keep them from sinking into soft ground. Interlocking for convenient storage with...
  • TYRE SAVER PAIR CAMEC COLOUR BLACK | 40654 | Caravan Parts
     Tyre Saver Pair Camec Colour Black Description Prevents flat spots. Can be used with most makes of wheel clamps. Ideal for use as a "stop" by bolting down to a garage floor. Suitable for use with caravans,...
  • Wheel Level And Chock
    $29.95 $25.80 Wheel Level And Chock - Camec
     Wheel Level And Chock - Camec    Wheel chock locks into ridges of the level ramp and secures the wheel safely in place.  Since single axle caravans only need to raise one wheel, why buy a pair? This...