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Cladding Aluminium


Benefits of aluminium cladding

Big Red Caravan Parts supplies roll formed aluminum cladding which has been used by the caravan industry for approximately 40 years and has the following benefits.


Even when the extra fittings and bracings are considered, an aluminium caravan can be lighter than a fiberglass or composite panel equivalent. This can be critical if you have limited towing capacity or want to save fuel.


Another key advantage of aluminum is ease of repairs. composite panels are more resistant to small bumps, but severe damage to a large panel may see an newer composite panel van written off due to the high cost of repairs or replacement. An aluminium van, on the other hand, may only require a replacement sheet.

In addition, as the makeup of composite panels evolves older replacement composite panels may no longer be available, whereas aluminium sheets are sold in all but the oldest textures.

External Aluminium Roof & End Sheeting can be lock seamed for jointing (this is standard for lengths of caravan side cladding). Please include the number of sides you want lock seamed (i.e. usually 2 long sides per sheet) with your order.  Refer to Seam Locking - Cladding for pricing.

All long lengths of Caravan Aluminium Cladding are pick up only or can be quoted for freight. Being an online store we hold limited stock, so your location and our supplier will determine availability of lengths and pick-up point or special freight costs for your cladding. Send an email with your post code (via Contact Us) and we'll be happy to assist further with any aspect of your order.


The following abbreviations are used in descriptions and may assist with product selection.

W White
CS Crystal Silver
Surface Finish  
SM Smooth
ST Stucco (textured)


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