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Camec Cladding


Caravan Aluminium Cladding For Sale


Camec has been supplying roll formed aluminium cladding to the RV industry for approximately 30 years.  Big Red Caravan Parts works closely with this supplier to provide Caravan Aluminium Cladding for your DIY caravan repair or restoration.

The caravan and RV roll formed aluminium cladding supplied incorporates a 'Pittsburgh Seam', which was developed by the metal bending industry, to join sheets of metal.

The Pittsburgh Seam is designed to deflect water ingress in normal weather conditions and to allow for the expansion and contraction of the cladding, to minimise warping.  The RV industry throughout the world has been using aluminium cladding incorporating the Pittsburgh Seam from its formative days.  The Pittsburgh Seam will not prevent water bypassing the seam in severe weather conditions or when using a hose or pressure washer to clean the cladding.

The mounting of components to the cladding can also affect the performance of the Pittsburgh Seam.  This being said aluminium cladding incorporating the Pittsburgh Seam has provided the RV industry with an acceptable material to clad RV's for more than half a century, during which time it has given little cause for concern.

Camec sources its aluminium cladding from Euromax one of the world's leading suppliers which warrants the coatings on its aluminium for 5 years, on a pro-rata basis. Camec warrants the aluminium cladding its supplies from defects however does make any claims or warrants the performance of the product regards;

  • The structural performance of the cladding
  • Its waterproof properties.

The roll formed aluminium side cladding comes in four profiles;


Deep profile


Shallow profile


Deep profile


Shallow profile


It can be manufactured in a variety of lengths including;.

3.00, 5.50, 6.01, 6.50, 7.00, 7.30, 7.60, 8.00, 9.30, 10.668 - all lengths are in meters (m)

While all these lengths are possable it will depending on which warehouse stock is drawn fromas to which lengths are available.  

The 5.50, 7.60 and 10.668 m stock lengths are usually available in Queensland and Western Australia with all lengths made to order* in Victoria. 

The roll formed aluminium roof and end sheeting comes in three profiles;

  • Flat
  • CP48
  • CPF3
Sheet sizes available include;
0.315x1.00 (flat only), 1.22x1.00 (flat only), 2.31x1.22 (7'6"x4'), 2.44x1.22 (8'x4'), 5.00x1.22 (16'x4')(flat only) - all lengths are in metres (m) unless otherwise noted.

While all these sizes are possible it will depend on which warehouse stock is drawn from as to which sizes are available.  

The 2.31x1.22 (7'6"x4') and 2.44x1.22 (8'x4') stock sheets are usually available in Queensland and Western Australia with all sheets made to order* in Victoria.

* made to order items have a 3 weeks lead time for manufacture

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