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Sphere Onyx TV Range


Big Red Caravan Parts Online offers two brands Televisions that operate on 12 Volt Technology. The type of Television you will need for your Caravan, RV or Motorhome will depend upon the style of travel you plan on doing.

This section outlines the features of the Sphere Onyx brand of LED High Definition TV's featuring an inbuilt DVD player and flexible 12 Volt or 240 Volt operation.

A Sphere Onyx Television can be wall mounted or stand mounted for flexible use in or out of the Caravan, RV or Motorhome . These TV's are designed for Caravan, RV or Motorhome use and have added protection against Australia's environmental extremes such as humidity & salt air. This is backed up with a National 2-year Warranty

Featuring four functional sizes, the Sphere Onyx range comes with a super easy to use remote with one-touch digital tuning!

The base can be removed so that you can mount the TV onto a wall if required.

Features at a Glance:

»» Sharp and lean design

»» Comes with a full function remote control with one-touch digital tuning
»» Receives analogue and HD digital (MPEG 4 HD ready) signals
»» Has numerous inputs including AV, HDMI (x3) and USB (2.0)
»» Has an integrated HD digital tuner
»» Electronic Program Guide (EPG) available for digital channels
»» Record, pause or rewind live TV
»» Has improved RCA audio out (now has ground loop isolators which help to remove the humming noise when used in combination with 240V battery chargers)
»» DVD Drive Capability: DVD, VCD, MP3, Audio CD, CD R/W, JPEG, CDDA, WMA, CD-G, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18 and HD-CD


SphereTM is a trade marked brand

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